Acid Crawler
Name Acid Crawler
Type AlienGiantSandWorm
Attacks Spit body dissolving acid
Health 150
Blood Green
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger aliens/alienminiboss sandworm

The Acid Crawler is a large recurring opponent and one of three alien sandworms encountered in Broforce. Like the Broodworm and the Terrorkrawler, the Acid Crawler only appears at certain points in the game.

The Acid Crawler acts as a recurring mid-boss in the game. When encountered, players are tasked with taking out the creature. The crawler will proceed to spew torrents of acid towards the Bro in an effort to dissolve them - each acid glob splits into three separate smaller clumps after contact with a solid object is made. Like other sandworms, the Acid Crawler is not protected against grenades thrown in its mouth. It can alternatively be dispatched by firing at it from underground, where its acid attack is rendered temporarily ineffective for a longer period due to the terrain shielding the Bro. Alternatively, a bro (preferably Cherry Broling)can jump to it's blind spot, right behind it, it's head can't fully rotate due to the terrain, thus the acid attack is a waste and simply use the fire command to kill it. Colonel James Broddock can cripple it if his grenades are used correctly since he has an endless amount of them, and Acid Crawler eats grenades.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Acid Crawler's sandworm nature may be a reference to either the sandworms from the Dune universe or the Graboids from the Tremors film and TV series.
  • The crawler may also be a reference to the mid-boss of the final mission of the original Contra video game.
  • The basis for the crawler's design bears a resemblance to the Xenomorphs of the Alien film series.