Alien(4)idle sol
Name Baneling
Type Alien
Attacks explode into acid
Health 3
Blood Green
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger aliens/zalienmosquito
The Baneling is an alien opponent encountered in Broforce. It is an aerial variant of the Screecher, being physically identical aside from its wings; rather than rolling, however, banelings dive-bomb onto their enemies before exploding.

Banelings are encountered much later in the game, during the alien infestation. Unlike other alien forms, banelings are often found hovering in the air, waiting for their prey to come to them; they rarely set foot on the ground. Other banelings spawn from the walls of alien lairs.

Once a banelings spots a potential target (such as a Bro or a mook), it chooses a spot next to the target and dive-bombs. Upon making contact with the target or the ground, its acid pouch begins to immediately pressurize, causing the baneling to explode, destroying terrain and showering anything within the vicinity in acid.

Trivia Edit

  • Bros are able to ride banelings, both in the air and as it dive-bombs.

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