Bro Lee
Name Bro Lee
Parody of Bruce Lee
Released 7 July 2016
Featured in Broforce
Blood Red
Weapon Upward Axe Kick Dash
Special Freeze
Melee Uppercut Punch
Bro Lee is a playable character in the run and gun platform game. Is the bro version of the character Bruce Lee, is a kung fu master. 


Fire command: -Upward Axe Kick Dash (uses up and left or right arrow key)

       -Downward Axe Kick Dash (uses down and left or right arrow key)

       -Sideways Punch Dash (uses left or right arrow key)

       -Nunchuck (works if not moving)

Special: Freeze time (must attack instantly, wears off if stop attacking)

Melee: Uppercut Punch 

It's nunchuck attack can damage more than aimed enemy.  Can dash exactly like Mr. Anderbro but can't destroy walls with it's dash (a 3 unit dash). He is the last character to be unlocked in the game. Unlike Mr. Anderbro, Bro Lee can deflect bullet with his nunchuck and punches. His appearance on the game is topless with a black long pants.

Unique Features:

-The only characters that appear topless are Bronan the Brobarian and Bro Lee

-The only character using nunchucks

-The only characters with specials that affects time are Time Bro and Bro Lee

-The only character with various fire commands

-The only characters that can dash are Mr. Anderbro and Bro Lee

Gallery Edit

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