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Bro lee

Bro Lee is a playable character in the run and gun platform game Broforce. Bro Lee is the bro version of the character Bruce Lee. Bro Lee is a kung fu master.

We are ajay kumar and gaurav sanghu, and we are the one who first discovered this shit in broforce. It seems this "bro lee" is actually a shitty melee character who cant do jack shit. We tried every possible options and actions but we failed in bringing out the true power of this character. So if we're not able to this shit, you cant do it either. So please do not waste hours to unlock and use this. We, the journalism club of STCJA 2016-2017, together with our club adviser Sir Angel Jibb Quides, have done our part. Our advice to the Devs is to remove this bullshitty character from the game, because it doesn't help at all in the development and in the fucking progress of the shitty plot. It also doesn't contribute to the gameplay and the sales, and also when other future players use this character, it will make them hate this game. We mean, this is the last unlockable character and yet it doesn't do anything useful, let alone fulfilling its duties and responsibilities as a last unlockable character. In your service, the INDIAN BRODIES. So, in the end, fuck you and thank you for taking your time in reading this meaningful crap. Thank you and God bless. PS: Dear A Fandom User, we have successfully given you the rightful and truthful information you desire and deserve.

If you are still reading this shit, congratulations for making it this far! Since you are still reading this, we might as well give you a reward. The following below is our reward:

St. Therese you'll live forever, In our hearts you will always stay. We will always be your children Who will cherish, you night and day!

STCJA- You're our inspiration To reach our young aspirations Your portals, young lives will mold Young dreams will hold.

Our dear alma matter, It matters not where fate leads us To your beckoning light we'll come back To sing praises and thanks.

Raised bye your light and love, We shall know no other home; For in our hearts we have inscribed The endearing knowledge we acquired.

And one day we shall stand before your portals Fulfilled children of your dreams, With joyful voices chanting Hymns of praises and thanks.

St. Therese you'll live forever, In our minds you will always stay. We will always be your children Who will cherish, you night and day.

St. Therese you'll live forever in our hearts You will always stay.

Thank you, dear reader, for reading all these bullshit you will never use.

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