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Brocketeer face
Name Brocketeer
Parody of Cliff Secord "Rocketeer"
Released July 2nd, 2015
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger thebrocketeer
Blood Red
Weapon Mauser C96
Special Rocket dive
Melee Punch
The Brocketeer is a playable character in the run and gun platform game BroforceHe was released in the Broforce Freedom update along with Broheart.

Brocketeer is based on the fictional character Cliff Secord portrayed by Billy Campbell in the Rocketeer film. Secord is a young stunt aviator who finds a top-secret military jetpack and becomes a superhero. He also fights nazis.

Gameplay Edit


  • Fire command : Mauser
    • Damage: About 1 at max range or 2 at point-blank.
    • Range: About 12 blocks
    • Rate of fire: About 4 shots per second when held, but can be maxed out to about 10 shots per second.
    • Can fire head shots.
  • Jump command : Rocket pack - Can hold to adjust the jump length and height. Ignites flammable enemies in both directions but are less destructive to terrain than most flames. Jump button can be held to sustain jump and can be used with sprint to create very fast horizontal movement.
    • Damage:?
    • Range: ?
    • Spring: 6 blocks.
  • Special command: Rocket dive - The Brocketeer jumps into the air (if in air he is boosted up a bit more) then flies down at a 45 degree angle, and when he lands he knocks enemies back.
    • Ammunitions : 6
    • Damage: About 28 damage.
    • Range: About 4 blocks when used on ground.
    • Spring
  • Melee: Punch - Knocks back
    • Damage: 4 damage per punch.
    • Range: 1 block.
    • Rate of Fire: About 4 punches per second.


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From "The Rocketeer" (1991)


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