Name Broden
Parody of Raiden
Released 23 November 2015
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger bradenbro
Blood Red
Weapon Lightning bolts
Special Charge forward
Melee Uppercut
Broden is a playable character in the run and gun platform game Broforce. He was added in the game at the release of the Lightning Strikes Twice update.

Broden is based on the fictional character Lord Raiden interpreted by Christopher Lambert in 1995's film Mortal Kombat, an adaptation of the fighting game franchise of the same name. Raiden is the god of thunder and lightning and protector of Earthrealm, tasked to gather mankind's greatest warriors to defend their realm against Outworld forces in the Mortal Kombat tournament.

Although in the later games and arcade releases of the earlier ones the character's correct name is spelled 'Raiden', the home console ports, comics, TV series and films all misspelled the name as 'Rayden'.

  • Fire command: Lightning bolts
    • Damage: ??? (Makes enemies explode. Enemies killed by these explosions are zapped with lightning and may also explode, causing chain reactions, damage is significant)
    • Range: 5-6 blocks.
    • Rate of Fire: Can be maxed out to continous (one each frame) by continually pressing the fire button.
    • Broden cannot move while firing.
  • Special command: Shalybabayee! (Torpedo lunge) - As in the MK videogames, Broden lunges forward, carrying any enemies he hits with him and damaging/launching them up in the air at the end of the move. Broden is invulnerable while performing this move.
    • Ammunitions: 4
    • Damage: ???
    • Range: ??? blocks
  • Melee command: Uppercut
    • Damage: ??? (Decapitates mooks)
    • Range: 1 block.
    • Rate of Fire: About 2 uppercuts per second.
  • Speed: 3 squares per second.
  • Sprint: 5 squares per second.
  • Jump: 5 squares high.

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Trivia Edit

  • Raiden's special is based off an actual attack he has in the Mortal Kombat video game. His melee attack is also a reference to the MK game, specifically Johnny Cage's fatality in MK 1.

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