The Brofessional
Name The Brofessional
Parody of Leone "Léon" Montana
Released 25 August 2015
Featured in Broforce
Blood Red
Weapon Beretta 92FS with AL-GI-MEC compensator
Special SGW Multimatch AR-15
Melee Knife
The Brofessional is a playable character in the run and gun platform game Broforce. He was added with the Brofessional Update.

Brofessional is based on the fictional character Leone "Léon" Montana played by Jean Reno in the film Léon: The Professional. In this movie, Léon is a professional killer referred to as a "cleaner" living in New York who comes to take care of a young girl named Mathilda after the death of her family at the hands of several crooked members of the D.E.A.

Gameplay Edit

  • Fire command: Suppressed Pistol - Silenced. It does not knock the enemies back and shoots through the majority of corpses. Can headshot.
    • Damage: About 4 damage at long range and about 8 damage at point blank.
    • Range: About 5 blocks.
    • Rate of Fire: About 3 shots per second but can be maxed out.
  • Special command: Brotilda's Sniper Rifle - Target enemies in front of Brofessional in a slow traveling wave. Brotilda then shoots them. Larger enemies are shot multiple times.
    • Ammunitions: 3.
    • Damage: About 8.
    • Range: 16 blocks in front and 3 blocks upward.  The marker will stop if it hits any object.
  • Melee command: Teleport - Invincible while he teleports in the direction selected and automatically stabs nearby opponents. Only stabs if the opponent is close.  He is able to 'aim' the teleport in a direction to some degree
    • Damage: About 9.
    • Range: teleports 2 blocks away without enemies but else can increased to 8. Can teleport through blocks
    • Time limit: Disappear up to about 1.5 seconds.
    • Rate of Fire: About 2 per second. Note that he cannot throw enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only bro able to get through a solid steel wall, even walls that are 2 blocks thick with his teleport.
  • According to a Pxlbyte interview, Brofessional is based on Evan's favorite action movie (Léon : The Professional) and actor (Reno)
  • His melee attack is based on Léon's introduction in the movie and how he catches the Fatman in addition to his famed ability to disappear and reappear during gunfights.
  • His special is based on the sniper rifle lesson he gives to Matilda.
    • In addition, he's the only Bro that can temporarily call up another Bro for a fixed period of time with special command that does not appear in-game otherwise.
    • This makes Brotilda the only bro not to appear in regular gameplay and cannot be controlled, thus, she is not considered a playable character.

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