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The logo of Broforce

The Broforce Brototype is a free demo of Broforce, with limited content, such as levels and Bros. This demo was released on 4 September 2012 on Steam Greenlight by Free Lives until it was greenlit by the community on July 24th 2013, receiving its last update on July 30th 2013. The name is a fusion of the colloquialism "bro" and the word "prototype".

Its reuse musics from Rambros composed by Chris Haigh, displayed only the campaign mode, one theme (Jungle) and two weathers: Day and Burning.

Playable characters Edit

These are the playable Bros in the demo.

Allies Edit



Prisoner of War

Opponents Edit

Regular Mook

Suicide Mook

Riot Shield Mook

Scout Mook

Big Mook

Attack Dog

Pure Evil

Spawn Truck



Mammoth Tank

Swiss Army Knife boss


The demo is open and accessible to everyone, available online or as a download.

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