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A Bro is a hypermasculine action hero-style commando, who fights terrorists and rescues his/her bro teammates and prisoners of war from captivity. Bros are parodies of the fictional pro- and antagonists of 80s and 90s action movies and TV series.

Two teams of Bros, known collectively as the Broforce and the Expendabros, act as the main protagonists of Broforce and The Expendabros, respectively. In-game, all Bros have their own attack methods, both normal and special, making each useful in their own way. Despite their impressive firepower and skills, all Bros have only 1 HP and can be killed extremely easily.

2015-10-17 00004

The entire Broforce team (excluding Broden and The Brolander).

List of Bros Edit

The following is a list of Bros with their names, the names of the characters they are based on and the respective film or series title that they appear in, the number of rescues that have to be made to unlock the Bro and the date they were released to the public:


Name Based on Unlocked by Release date
Rambro John Rambo from the Rambo film series Default 23 April 2012
Brommando John Matrix from Commando 1(+1) rescue
B. A. Broracus B. A. Baracus from The A-Team TV series 3(+2) rescues 
Brodell Walker Cordell Walker from the Walker, Texas Ranger TV series 5(+2) rescues
Bro Hard John McClane from the Die Hard film series 8(+3) rescues 4 September 2012
MacBrover Angus MacGyver from the MacGyver TV series 11(+3) rescues
Brade Blade from the Blade film series 15(+4) rescues
Bro Dredd Judge Joe Dredd from Judge Dredd 20(+5) rescues
Bro In Black James Edwards / Agent J from the Men In Black series 25(+5) rescues
Snake Broskin Snake Plissken from Escape from New York/L.A. 31(+6) rescues
Brominator The Terminator from the Terminator film series 37(+6) rescues 2 April 2013
Brobocop Alex Murphy / RoboCop from the RoboCop film series 46(+9) rescues 16 May 2013
Indiana Brones Indiana Jones from the Indiana Jones film series 56(+10) rescues 9 June 2013
Ash Brolliams Ash Williams from The Evil Dead film series 65(+9) rescues 11 July 2013
Mr. Anderbro Thomas A. Anderson / Neo from The Matrix film series 75(+10) rescues 31 October 2013
The Boondock Bros Connor and Murphy MacManus from The Boondock Saints film series 87(+12) rescues 28 December 2013
Brochete Machete Cortez from the Machete film series 99(+12) rescues 11 February 2014
Bronan the Brobarian Conan from the Conan The Barbarian film series 115(+16) rescues
Ellen Ripbro Ellen Ripley from the Alien film series 132(+17) rescues 7 April 2014
Time Bro Max Walker from Timecop 160(+15, after Brocketeer) rescues 29 May 2014
Broniversal Soldier Luc Deveraux / GR44 from Universal Soldier 175(+15) rescues
Colonel James Broddock Colonel James Braddock from Missing in Action 193(+18) rescues 3 July 2014
Cherry Broling Cherry Darling from Planet Terror 222(+29) rescues
Bro Max Max Rockatansky from the Mad Max film series 249(+27) rescues 7 October 2014
The Brode Beatrix Kiddo / The Bride from the Kill Bill film series 274(+25) rescues
Double Bro Seven James Bond / 007 from the James Bond film series 300(+26) rescues 18 December 2014
The Brodator A Predator (likely the Jungle Hunter) from the Predator film series 326(+26) rescues 8 May 2015
The Brocketeer Cliff Secord / Rocketeer from The Rocketeer 345(+13, after Ellen Ripbro) rescues 2 July 2015
Broheart William Wallace from Braveheart 350(+24) rescues

The Brofessional

Leone "Léon" Montana from The Professional 374 (+24) rescues 24 August 2015
Broden Lord Raiden (film "Rayden") from Mortal Kombat (film) 400 (+26) rescues 23 November 2015
The Brolander Connor MacLeod from Highlander 425 (+25) rescue

The Expendabros Edit

Name Based on Unlocked by Release date
Broney Ross Barney Ross from The Expendables 3 Default 5 August 2014
Lee Broxmas Lee Christmas from The Expendables 3 1(+1) rescue
Bronnar Jensen Gunnar Jensen from The Expendables 3 4(+3) rescues
Bro Caesar Hale Caesar from The Expendables 3 7(+3) rescues
Broctor Death Doctor Death from The Expendables 3 12(+5) rescues
Toll Broad Toll Road from The Expendables 3 17(+5) rescues
Trent Broser Trench Mauser from The Expendables 3 25(+8) rescues

Properties of BrosEdit

Property Bros Enemies
Fire Immune to fire Susceptible to fire damage
Explosions Kills at certain distance, knocks back when beyond that radius Damages and/or knocks back, depending on the distance of explosion
Fall damage Immune Kills at certain height

The Bros Edit

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