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Cherry Broling
Name Cherry Broling
Parody of Cherry Darling
Released 3 July 2014
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger cherrybroling
Blood Red
Weapon Bushmaster Carbine rifle
Special Cobray 37mm Launcher
Melee Flip Kick
Flip kick

Cherry in the middle of a flip kick

Broling shot

Cherry fires forward

Cherry Broling is a playable character in the run 'n gun game Broforce. She was released in the Broforce beta update Death from Above. She was playable in a previous update due to a glitch.

She's a parody of the character Cherry Darling played by Rose McGowan in the 2007 movie, Planet Terror. A go-go dancer from rural Texas, Cherry Darling's leg was ripped off by zombies and Cherry's ex-boyfriend fitted her stump with a modified M4 Carbine with M203 grenade launcher attachment. 

Gameplay Edit

  • Fire command: Machine Gun Leg - Fires downwards at her feet. The Leg's recoil can act as a jetpack and by aiming slightly to the left or right, allow her to shoot bullets from above. If crouching, she fires horizontally. Can headshot.
    • Damage: About 1.5 damage per bullet.
    • Range: 9 blocks vertically.
    • Rate of Fire: About 10 shots per second. Can be maxed out which enable to fly infinitely.
  • Special command: Rocket Jump - Fire a rocket straight down that explodes on impact and sends bits flying. Cherry takes no damage from this and can use the knockback to fly higher. Explode corpses.
    • Ammunition: 5.
    • Damage: Over 35 damage per rocket.
    • Range: About 17 blocks vertically, explosion radius is roughly 2 blocks.
  • Melee command: Flip kick - Throws Cherry in the air after a landed hit, allowing easier follow-up with a primary weapon. Outside of combat it can be used to move faster.
    • Damage: 4 damage per kick.
    • Range: 1 block. Cherry flips two blocks forward before kicking.
    • Rate of Fire: Due to the hitbox only existing near the end of the flip, about 1 kick per second.


  • Speed: Slower than others, walks with a "limp", making her speed vary slightly, but spamming flip kick will make her go faster than simple running or sprinting.
  • Other: Using Leg Rifle while climbing ladders slows you down.


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