Dirty Brory
Name Dirty Brory
Parody of Harry Callahan
Released 7 July 2016
Featured in Broforce
Blood Red
Weapon Revolver
Special Molotov Cocktail
Melee Punch

Dirty Brory is a playable character in the run and gun platform game Broforce.

Dirty Brory is based on the fictional character, Inspector 'Dirty' Harry Callahan, portrayed by Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry film series.

Gameplay Edit

  • Fire command: Revolver
    • Damage: Please add
    • Range: Unknown but at least 10 blocks. Can hit targets above or below the bullet's route.
    • Rate of Fire: As fast as you can pull the trigger. Needs to reload after six shots. Reloading takes about 1 second and won't start if the fire command isn't released.
  • Special command: Molotov - Explodes with fire on impact, however explosion deals no damage unlike B.A.'s incendiary grenade.
    • Ammunitions: 3.
    • Damage: Same as the old version special of Snake Broskin.
    • Range: Same as old version Broskin.
  • Melee command: Punch
    • Damage: Please add.
    • Range: 1 block.
    • Rate of Fire: Please add.
  • Speed: Please add.
  • Sprint: Please add.
  • Jump: Please add.


  • His special may be a reference to when his car was destroyed with Molotov cocktails in Sudden Impact.

Gallery Edit

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