Name Executioner
Type HellEnemy
Attacks Flamethrower, it can instantly destroy enemies and bodies, but not terrain
Health 30 HP
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/zhellbruiser
The Executioner is an enemy in Broforce. It is Hell's equivalent of the Bruiser. Unlike his normal counterpart, he welds a powerful flamethrower that has a ridiculously long range.

Properties Edit

Executioners are one of the most challenging enemies players will face in the Hell levels of Broforce. They have a high HP pool and a powerful ranged attack where they fire a large (2.5 blocks high) wave of fire in the direction of the player that will almost instantly gib them on contact. It is very effective against players that are in cover because the flames will also kill bros who are standing or crouching one block below the wave's position. This means that it is very hard to attack an executioner head-on, and usually requires an environmental kill, lots of space or stealth to successfully finish off an executioner. Indiana Brones' whip and Bro in Black's Noisy Cricket are effective ways to kill an executioner head-on due to fear/ignition that prevents him from firing, but both require good timing.

Despite being an undead mook, executioners do not revive after death, possibly for balance issues this would cause for some Bro's, since he's way harder to defeat than other undead mooks. A directly planted TNT on his body by MacBrover can defeat him instantly. The in-game intro depicts a three-barreled flamethrower but in-game apperance shows only one.

Reactions Edit

Executioners use all reactions normally, except for Alert where they try to stay 100% stationary when firing at Bro's. They don't tend to move as far way from their starting positions as Basic Mooks or Bruisers do when idle. If a Bro hides when he spotted the Bro, he will fire eight waves of fire before he thinks the Bro is gone.