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Name GR666
Type Miniboss
Attacks Rocket launcher
Dual Grenades
Health 110, but will revive and fully regenerate after depleted unless out of bounds
Blood red
Featured in Broforce Beta, Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/dolflundgrensoldier

GR666 is a boss in the game Broforce introduced with a beta update.

He is a parody of Sgt. Andrew Scott / GR-13 from the Universal Soldier film series portrayed by Dolph Lundgren, a unit of the UniSol program made from the corpse of a Vietnam U.S. Special Forces member. He is also the Nemesis of Pvt. Luc Deveraux, the character Broniversal Soldier is based on.

GR666 is technically indestructible, due to the health meter will instantly restore seconds after it depleted. The only way to destroy him is to knock him out of the level border(Likely when he's immobilized due to health depletion).

If you have the armored mook's suit (A mech) in command then it might make combating him easier. Due to ammo crates everywhere when battling him, they can restore the jetpack fuel quickly, rendering if effective to move(Must complete first covert operation to unlock, otherwise they won't appear). Then the miniguns could quickly deplete(thus stunning)him, and push him out of bounds with the heavy force and rate of fire before he revives himself.

  • Fire: Rocket Launcher which fires 5 rockets.
  • UseSpecial: 2 Grenades, can be thrown back using the melee attack.
  • UseSpecial2: Stomp, can squash Bros.
  • UseSpecial3: Airstrike, used when regains consciousness.

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Trivia Edit

  • He is the one of the two bosses that can revive himself, the other is Satan.
    • However, he never changes form, while Satan revives into another form once he is defeated.
    • Also, when he's pushed into oblivion he instantly gets defeated while Satan will still revive but his health will instantly deplete to zero.
  • During the scroll down the wall of booty at the end if the game, his severed head is seen on the wall.
  • If he's pushed too close to the edge of the cliff, he may directly jump into the bottomless pit after he revived, instantly causing the battle to end in a victory.
  • 666 is usually a number refereed to demons, further strengthening the fact that Satan is behind the terrorists.
  • Like Andrew Scott in the movie, he loved to cut off people's ears and is actuarially a psychopath, depicted in the intro.