2015-08-21 00008
Name GR666
Type Miniboss
Attacks Rocket launcher, grenades (2), jump, airstrike
Health 110 but then revive himself, can't die until out of the level
Featured in Broforce Beta, Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/dolflundgrensoldier

GR666 is a boss in the game Broforce introduced with a beta update.

He is a parody of Sgt. Andrew Scott / GR-13 from the Universal Soldier film series portrayed by Dolph Lundgren, a unit of the UniSol program made from the corpse of a Vietnam U.S. Special Forces member.

GR666 does not have a set amount of health, instead you must shoot him out of the map after knocking him unconscious, which will then kill him.

  • Fire: Rocket Launcher which fires 5 rockets.
  • UseSpecial: 2 Grenades, can be thrown back using the melee attack.
  • UseSpecial2: Jump, can squash players.
  • UseSpecial3: Air Strike, used when regains consciousness.
  • UseSpecial4: N/A.

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