Heart of The Hive
Name Heart of The Hive
Type AlienBoss
Attacks Limb Knockback (no damage)
Health 60 (heart), 33(else)
Blood Green
Featured in Broforce

The Heart of The Hive is a boss added in the Broforce Freedom Update. It is a giant alien heart on top of a worm-like pillar of purple alien flesh with lots of arms which prevent the player from climbing up the pillar, fittingly located deep in the alien hive. The Heart itself does not attack the bro, but it will spawn Baneling until it's defeat. The player is able to destroy various layers of the tower on which the heart thrones or he can just jump on the various flying screechers to get to the heart. Alternatively, if the player is lucky enough to spawn Bro Dredd, Dredd's guided missile can be used to hit the heart from the safety of the spawn flag. Doublebroseven's watch laser is also a quick win.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This boss is a reference to Gomera Mosking from Contra.

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