Name Humongocrawler
Type AlienBoss
Attacks Acid, Roar
Health 50 (face), 60 (heart)
Featured in Broforce

The Humongocrawler is the first alien boss encountered in Broforce. It is an enormous subterranean crawler with a massive gaping maw.

When facing the Humongocrawler, players will need to mind its two attack methods - the crawler roars with tremendous force, pushing the Bro(s) back and eroding the terrain above. Using its inner mouth, it then shoots large globs of acid which, when coming into contact with solid objects, splash the terrain and split into three smaller clumps which in turn can also dissolve materials.

Possibly due to its immense size, the Humongocrawler is only able to move horizontally. Once the Bro is able to deal enough damage to the crawler's face, it will begin to retreat further back before resuming its defensive attack.

Upon the destruction of its mouth, the crawler stops moving and its insides can be accessed. Along with several Facehuggers, the crawler's innards contain a heart that needs to be destroyed to fully defeat the boss.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Humongocrawler may be based on the Alien Queen from the Alien film series; it is also referred to as a female by the game's developers.
  • The crawler might also be a reference to the final level of the original Contra video game: entering a level section by destroying a giant face before heading for the heart at the end.
  • Players can exploit the Humongocrawler's acid attack by standing underground and beneath its face; the inner mouth will sense the bro's presence from underground and will attempt to shoot at them, hitting the crawler's jaw and damaging it in the process. This can be used as an alternate method of dealing with the crawler before accessing the insides.

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