Mr Anderbro
Name Mr Anderbro
Parody of Neo
Released October 31, 2013
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger nebro
Blood Red
Weapon Punch
Special Bullet Shield
Melee Knife/Blink

Mr Anderson's punch


Mr Anderson uses his blink

Mr. Anderbro is a playable character in the run and gun platform game Broforce. He was added to the game with the beta update of Broforce called Enter the Brotrix.

Mr Anderbro is a parody of the fictional character Neo (aka Thomas A. Anderson) from The Matrix film series, portrayed by Keanu Reeves.


  • Fire command: Punch - He punches extremely quickly, sending any enemies hit flying back, useful for killing explosive mooks and knocking them into more mooks.
    • Damage: 5 damage per punch.
    • Range: 1 block.
    • Rate: About 4 punches per second if held, can be maxed out to continuous.
  • Special command: Bullet Shield - Anderbro creates a forcefield around himself. All enemy projectiles entering the field while active will stop short of him and will be sent back in the direction they came, dealing damage to enemies. It will also send rockets and artillery back, but with less accuracy. It is extremely effective against big mooks and enemies with automatic weapons. It does not stop the saws. Don't overestimate it though, it doesn't stop barrels or heavy objects from falling on him and doesn't save him from spontaneous explosions.
    • Ammunitions: 3.
    • Range: Around 3 blocks in front of Anderbro and around 1 block behind him.
    • Duration: Around 3 seconds.
  • Melee command: Knife
  • Melee command with direction key/Dash command: Blink - Dash in the given direction, ignoring gravity and plowing through enemies, knocking them down. Anderbro is not invincible while doing this, but he can dash up to four times in any directions, once if he is in the air. If he hits a surface, Anderbro will stop with an explosion. Can explode corpses.
    • Damage: Over 35 damage. Going through takes 2-3 to kill.
      Anderson explode

      Mr Anderbro creates a shockwave

    • Range: 7 blocks, if he collides 3 blocks radius area of effect.
  • Speed: 4 squares per second.
  • Spring: 5 squares per second.
  • Jump: 5 squares high.


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