The Brodator
Name Brodator
Parody of Predator
Released 8 May 2015
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger predabro
Blood Green
Weapon Spears
Special Shoulder canon, active camouflage
Melee Wrist Blade
The Brodator is a playable character in the run and gun platform game Broforce. He was released with The Brodator Unleashed! beta update.

The Brodator is based on the fictional Yautja species from the Predator film series, most probably the Alien vs. Predator movies, since they are the protagonists. These agile extraterrestrial creatures are a technologically advanced species with ancient traditions based around honor and hunting.

Gameplay Edit

  • Fire command: Spear Throw - damages and carries up to 4 enemies (1 if uncharged). Serves as a platform when planted in a wall or a big opponent.
    • Damage: 5 uncharged. 14 charged.
    • Range: 9 blocks uncharged. 19 if charged.
    • Rate of Fire: 1 second to charge. Can be maxed out to about 10 per second.
  • Special command : Active Camouflage - becomes invisible to all opponents (including terrain based ones) and automatically explodes nearby enemies with a blue laser after targeting them with a red triangle crosshair. Brodator can still shoot spears and uses melee attacks.
    • Ammunition: 2.
    • Duration: 5 seconds.
    • Damage: Over 25 per shots.
    • Range : About 13 blocks.
    • Rate of Fire : About 5 per seconds.
  • Melee command: Wrist Blade - skins mooks and hangs them to the ceiling if there is one. Instills Fear into nearby opponents.
  • Death command: Self-Destruct Mechanism - shortly after death, the Brodator's corpse explodes at the end of the countdown shown in the Special bar or by pressing fire. Brodator's corpse attracts enemies.
    • Timer: 3 seconds
    • Damage: About 25.
    • Explosion Range: About 3 blocks, but can still kill mooks much further away.


  • Speed
  • Sprint
  • Jump


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