Propane tanks are one of the more common hazards of Broforce.

Propane tanks are activated upon damage, fire, falling or pushing them over. Activated propane tank will fly in the direction it is facing after a 1-second delay, going through the terrain and taking away smaller enemies on its way. Shortly after that they explode(Indicated by a red flash).

Propane tanks will explode more quickly when colliding with very large enemies, many vehicles, bosses and some of the stage hazards.

It is possible to ride on a propane tank but getting off before it explodes is recommended.

It is possible to make the propane tank fly diagonally when tipping it over at just the right moment.

It's possible that a propane tank does not activate even if it catches fire. This only applies if the fire is minor, which will grow and eventurally activate the tank.

This is the only way to damage the Megacockter.

There's an achievement "You're Fired", to obtain it simply ignite a Propane Tank facing an enemy, you will get it once the Tank blows up in their faces.