Riot Shield Mook
Mook(2)fail sol
Name Riot Shield Mook
Type Mook
Attacks None
Health 3 HP (the shield sustains more)
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce Brototype, Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/zmookriotshield

 The Riot Shield Mook is an opponent in Broforce. The Riot Shield Mooks do not have any weapons but a riot shield. When they see a Bro, they become alarmed but will stand there with his riot shield pointing toward the Bro. If a Bro fires at him, the bullets will bounce back off of the riot shield, but do not hit the Bro. The Riot Shield Mook can be killed by excessive fire on the riot shield, or by shooting him from behind, or by the Bro's melee attack. The Riot Shield Mook was introduced in Broforce Brototype. Its default spawn probability is 20%.

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