Name Satan
Type PureEvil (first form)

HellBoss (second, final and true form)

ForceFieldHell (Deathfield)

Attacks None in first form. Slamming, fireballs, minions, lasers, & a force field in later forms
Health 3
Blood Red
Featured in Broforce Brototype, Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger mooks/zsatan


Satan is both a passive enemy and the final boss in Broforce. He does not attack Bros in his first (passive) form; he only laughs at them. If he is thrown he will try to run away. He must be defeated to complete any area when he is present.

In the full release, he was given 5 forms, the last four of which are all encountered in the same level as individual bosses.

Forms Edit

Satan! (1) Edit

Lord of terror


In the first versions, he appears as the devil in a suit. In the pre-Hell encounters, he only laughs at the player. However, in his realm, he summons fireballs and Engorged mooks and constantly respawns (in the boss battle). in later encounters, he must be killed in order to start a portal to the next area.

Satan! (2) Edit

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In this form, Satan appears as a very muscular version of his previous form, his clothing torn and his features more demonic. He slams the ground in a manner similar to Bronan the Brobarian and surrounds himself in a damage-dealing force-field, all the while causing fireballs to rain from the sky. Satan's force-field can be damaged, and if damaged enough it will dissipate and stun Satan for a short duration, a very valuable period of time considering how difficult Satan is to nail down otherwise.

Satan: Final Form (3) Edit

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When Satan's first form is killed, his head and arms erupt into flames and his health meter fills back up to maximum capacity. He slams into the ground and causes fire rain like his previous form, but now he has the capability to split into four fire wyrms for a short period of time and to launch a deadly stream of fireballs aimed at the player. Simply avoid his attack pattern, as his mobility is noticably diminished from his prior form, staying still to survive his fire wyrms. Following his fire wyrms, he will reappear where he was, and has a very noticeable "Cooldown" before he can attack, and telegraphs his first strike by hovering first. Utilize this opening to deal damage to him.

Deathfield (4) Edit

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 11.16.19 AM

Satan's 4th form in-game intro

"A forcefield, but deathlier"

In this form, Satan appears as a floating, horned, red humanoid skull encased in a ball of energy. Rather than fighting him in this form, you must outrun Satan in a veritable gauntlet of falling platforms, fireballs, and engorged mooks.

Satan: True Form (5) Edit

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 8.37.56 PM

Satan's final form in-game intro

In his fifth and final form (the final boss of Broforce), Satan appears as a tower of flesh, topped with a massive, 6 horned head with 3 eyes (2 normal eyes and 1 laser eye in the middle of its forehead) and 6 massive skeletal arms sprouting out of its back. Satan will summon exploding minions, make fireballs rain out of the sky, smash the ground randomly with large blunt objects at the end of its arms, and fire a yellow laser beam from its third eye (generally fires in a straight line. Utilizes a rough 270 spin if you are on his head) The third eye can be destroyed, and should be, in order to ease the rest of the battle.. After enough of his body is destroyed, Satan's head will begin to hover above his 'neck', just out of jumping range of most bros; to continue dealing damage to Satan, you will have to ride his hands as they move their way back into the air after pounding the ground, then jump from the hand to his head. After further damage, he will fall to the ground, in his death throes, summoning engorged mooks. from the top of his head. Take shelter beneath him and allow the engorged mooks to finish him off. When Satan is defeated, a cutscene will begin, showing Rambro walking away from the defeated creature. When Satan proceeds to insult the United States, Rambro becomes enraged and casts a grenade into Satan's laser eye, destroying the creature and causing an enormous explosion. In the very last part of the game, you are able to pay your last respects at his grave : by urinating on his headstone. But once you leave, a skeletal forearm reaches out from the grave; It seems that he must be defeated once more....

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