Alien(3)walk sol
Name Screecher
Type Alien
Attacks Roll and explode
Health 2
Blood Green
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger aliens/zalienmelter

The Screecher is a common opponent encountered in Broforce. Screechers are small facehugger-like parasites with small jaws and bulging acid pouches on their backs.

Like facehuggers, screechers are extremely mobile, being able to move along walls and ceilings, and are also easy to deal with, provided the player is standing a good distance from them when they kill them. When alerted by a moving entity, such as a Bro or a mook, they curl up and engage the enemy in a rolling state, in which they roll towards the target with tremendous speed.

Once coming within reach of the player, the screecher's acid pouch immediately begins to pressurize to the point where it causes the entire creature to explode in a form of a kamikaze attack, destroying terrain and any living matter as well as showering anyone and anything standing within the vicinity with acid, dissolving them.

Trivia Edit

  • Though the screecher itself is not based on any species or variant of Xenomorph from the Alien film series, the manner in which it pressurizes itself, causing it to explode, and covers any nearby threat in acid is reminiscent of the Boiler aliens in the tie-in first-person shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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