Sky Fortress
2015-08-21 00010
Name Sky Fortress
Type (only in SpawnResource trigger)
Attacks missiles, mortier, shooting mooks, crush
Health sides, bottom, main body
Featured in Broforce Brototype, Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger boss/boss_tank

The Sky Fortress is a boss in the Broforce Brototype and Broforce.

It is made of 5 sections: 2 turrets and 2 treads, one on each side.

The 4 side sections must be destroyed, and only then can the main body be damaged or destroyed.

In the first phase(before the 4 outer sections are destroyed), the fortress launches massive homing missiles and fire mortars from the turrets or sends out mooks if you are standing on it. then flies off to another section of the map, killing any bros or mooks that are hit by the jet flames. if both turrets are destoyed but the treads are intact, the fortress will simply fly and land at intervals, then take off again after 1 second.

After the turrets and treads are destroyed, the fortress throws out mooks until destroyed.

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