Tank Bro
Name Tank Bro
Parody of Rebecca Buck
Released 7 July 2016
Featured in Broforce
Blood Red
Weapon Bazooka
Special Tank summon
Melee Bazooka Smash
Tank Bro is a playable character in the run and gun platform game Broforce.

Tank Bro is based on the fictional character Tank Girl (Rebecca Buck), taken from the 1995 movie adaptation of the cult British Tank Girl comics. Tank Girl is an Australian mercenary outlaw who is known for her chaotic style of sex, drugs, and rock and roll in the UK during the 80's.



  • Fire Command - Bazooka - Tank Bro fires a massive rocket that accelerates and explodes in a HUGE radius.
    • Damage: ??? (Same as explosive barrel)
    • Range: 10 blocks?
    • Rate of Fire: About once every 2 seconds
  • Special Command - Summon Tank - Tank Bro throws a flare (Hold down to just drop flare) that will after a few seconds summon a tank from either the sky or the side (this depends where the flare is and the environment around it) This tank can fire curved mortar shots or a giant missile that plows through dirt and explodes upon impact with enemies/indestructible terrain. Press the special to alternate. The tank is very tough, has infinite fuel and can jump(Similar to the Mech, who has infinite health, sluggish movement speed, can fly albeit with limited fuel, and only possess dual machine guns). Double tapping in the direction you are facing lets you charge and ram enemies. You get three uses of the charge if the tank came from the sky and two uses if it came from the side. The tank is vulnerable to all types of damage and like the Mech, it can make bullets ricochet a short distance.
    • Ammunition: Only One.
      • Mortar
        • Damage: Over 30 (Same as explosive barrel)
        • Range: Approx. 8 blocks up, 5 blocks sideways
        • Rate of Fire: about once every 1.5 seconds
      • ​Bunker Buster
        • ​Damage: Over 30 (Same as explosive barrel)
        • Range: Approx. 10 blocks, this projectile accelerates and pierces ground, as well as firing one block above where the tank's standing.
        • Rate of Fire: About once every 2 seconds
  • Melee Command: Uppercut & Bazooka Smash - Tank bro uppercuts opponents shooting them skyward and sending her forward.  Her aerial is a quick overhead BONK! with her bazooka.
    • Damage: 4 per hit
    • Range: 1 block
    • Rate of Fire: About 4 per second
  • Attributes
    • Speed: 3 blocks per second
    • Spring: ?
    • Jump: 4 blocks

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Trivia Edit

  • For some reason the Facehugger can destroy her tank with ease, despite it being a machine and thus the Facehugger should be helpless against the tank.
  • If the player uses her summon tank special command, then during the casualties screen it will display that a mech has ben destroyed regardless of the tank's destroyed or not.
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