Name Terrorkrawler
Type AlienGiantSandWorm
Attacks Homing missiles, vomit melting acid
Health 600 (miniboss variation), infinite (lunging variations)
Blood Green
Featured in Broforce

The Terrorkrawler is a large recurring opponent and one of three alien sandworms encountered in Broforce. It is a large half-cybernetic sandworm that, like the Acid Crawler and the Broodworm, only appears at certain points in the game.

In its first appearance, the Terrorkrawler makes various attempts to lunge from underground and at any Bros on the surface, destroying anything and everything in its path (aside from checkpoints, which can be used as safe zones to avoid death). During this "chase" phase, it emerges from predetermined locations and cannot be harmed.

At a later point in the game, the Terrorkrawler emerges as a boss. In boss mode, it alternates between shooting volleys of homing missiles and a spray of terrain-melting acid. The Terrorkrawler also makes use of its small legs to push Bros downward when attempting to cling onto it. Like other sandworms, the Terrorkrawler can easily be dispatched with grenades to the mouth or by firing upon it from underground, where its attacks cannot reach the player.

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Trivia Edit

  • Weapons and armor aside, its general appearance may be very loosely based on the Chestburster from the Alien film series, with added limbs and the darker coloration of a fully-grown Xenomorph.
  • It is yet unknown who was responsible for equipping the Terrorkrawler with weapons and armor.
  • As the Terrorkrawler lunges, it is possible for a Bro to ride on the sandworm.
  • You can one shot the Terrorkrawler with MacBrover turkey bomb by throwing it in is mouth.

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