Here are some gameplay tips to become better at Broforce:


  • Never underestimate the meleé/use button. Even when excluding bros with special meleé attack (such as Mr. Anderbro's dash) it is still useful in situations when particular bro's primary fire's destructiveness (especially with cases such as Brommando or Bro In Black) is undesirable.
  • Holding melee will let you throw an enemy, grenade tossed by a grenadier mook, or dead body. Throwing a suicide mook will trigger their explosives, and they will explode shortly after landing on the ground.
  • Double tap left or right to sprint. Sprint jumping gets you much further than normal jumping.
  • Primary fire of several bros has so-called "underblow", meaning their fire can shoot the ground from underneath the level they're on. For some like The Boondock Bros it's slight and far off while others like Brodell Walker it's more noticable. Underblow can be used as an advantage (such as neutralizing enemy spawners) but it can also sometimes create gaps that are easy to fall through.
  • Mr Anderbro or Brade's dash are especially useful for clearing larger gaps.
  • There is a small delay from starting running to gaining full momentum. Not taking this into account can lead to too short jumps, especially when it comes to smaller platforms.
  • There is also small delay from stopping moving to coming to a full stop. Not taking this into account lead to falling off platforms.
  • Sometimes it can be handy using all the specials of a bro before rescuing a new one.
  • Due to a recent update, aliens and facehuggers are far less effective against melee bros, so you shouldn't fear them as much.
  • Fire is extremely useful whether on the landscape or mooks on fire: it will inflict fear and damage the enemy. Bro Max's dragon fire shotgun, B.A's flamethrower, Snake's molotov and Brocketeer's jetpack are extremely effective against big units, since they inflict fear.
  • When in a difficult situation, always remember your special attack, and see if that is better suited for whatever you are doing.
  • When you're playing multiplayer, after reviving a dead teammate with Broniversal Soldier, they won't just follow you, the person who originally controlled that bro will be allowed to use him again. Unless of course, said person is controlling a new bro, in which case, the Broniversal Soldier controls the revived bro.
  • Also, when using Broniversal Soldier, if you revive a rocket firing mook, they will fire rockets which can kill themselves and any other mooks you have around with the explosion of the rocket, which will throw them up into the air and they will die from fall damage.
  • Rescuing a bro grants a short-duration invulnerability.
  • Holding ↓ when firing a grenade drops it right under bro's feet.
  • Brodator's wrist blade can defuse suicide mooks.


  • Pay attention to "!"s above the head of enemies. This is more important for Basic Mooks who can easily kill any unsuspecting new player due to their low rate of fire providing false sense of security.
  • Also, don't overestimate the time from ! mark appearing to the enemy shooting. This is especially important with lines of Basic Mooks or Heavy Weapons Mook.
  • Some mooks hold their weapon differently when alert. Useful to know if you've scrolled alerted enemies onscreen.
  • Listen to audio cues when to know if the enemy is alerted off-screen.
  • Be wary of flat grounds which provide the least opportunities for safe ways to take down enemies.
  • Dogs are extremely vulnerable to rapid fire attacks, but have the advantage against slow weapons, such as Snake's sniper, or Colonel's grenade launcher.
  • Dogs also have the upper hand when they are a block above or below you, since they can pounce on you without having to run up to you at the same elevation.
  • Don't try to outrun dogs, they are faster than you are, climb a wall if you must.
  • Everything about dogs can also be applied to aliens. Keep them at bay with rapid fire weapons!
  • The enemies are still in alert state after killing a bro. Having this in mind helps to avoid repeated deaths due to bullet fired from offscreen. They will get out of the alert state after a few seconds after killing a bro, but will stay in the alert state for a while if they see you and you run away.
  • ? mark on the enemy makes them stop firing.
  • Throwing enemies have several uses. It can be used as a bait for dogs to make them vulnerable while eating corpses. It can also be used to kill enemies it happens to land on. When throwing a suicide mook or throwing another enemy into suicide mook opens up a potential for destruction.
  • Vehicles such as Trucks and Assault Tanks can crush the player even when destroyed. Blowing the ground away from underneath shouldn't be done when being right next to them.
  • Missiles fired by enemies can be shot down. Grenades can destroy missiles while remaining intact.
  • Enemy grenades can be thrown back at them with a meleé button.
  • Shooting the ground from underneath the enemies is often a better option to confronting them directly. Note that alert mooks can still fire when falling so a badly-timed terrain shooting can lead to mook firing at a very bad time.
  • Enemies cannot see through closed doors and crates.
  • Fear status alone is enough to kill some of the enemies by making them run off ledges or into traps. This allows to kill more enemies with Bro Dredd's special ability or remote-controlled car for an example.
  • You can stand on parachutes of the enemy and friendly paratroopers. The use of this is very situational though.
  • There are situations where you can let the enemies do the work for you. For an example, you popping in their view and then away, making them shoot an explosive barrel or propane tank.
  • Enemy corpses tend to block shots. This is more important on bros with explosive attacks as explosion knockback can be disorienting.
  • Enemies tend to face or move towards noises, whether they are in an alert state or not. A lot of primary attacks, broken glass, opening doors etc. make a sound. Using this can make mooks turn to a desired direction, leaving them vulnerable. Especially useful against shielded mooks.


  • In general, it is advised not to stand next to or run towards the explosive when shooting at it.
  • By jumping at a bottom corner of any block, you can do a tactical backflip, which you will grab the corner and heave yourself up, which gives you a boost if jumping and can be used as a boost to climb up a ledge. It can also be used to get over a ledge when you are underneath it.
  • Background supports can be broken when you destroy the block it rests on, and will cause the dirt or anything it is supporting to crumble. Watch out for any stones or heavy blocks that might fall on your bro.
  • Do not underestimate the length of the chain reactions that can happen in Broforce. Not entering the zone of death or keeping your cool if it's unavoidable is recommended.
  • Also, off-screen chain reactions, if happening above, can bring some nasty surprises to the player's level such as blocks or explosives, sometimes quite a few seconds after the threat is seemingly over.
  • Blowing up bridges can make crossing some gaps hard or impossible. If possible, try to not damage them too much which is harder said than done as bridges tend to crumble quickly. Bridges are often made of wood and thus very vulnerable to fire as well.
  • Opening a door kills smaller enemies that happen to get in the way.
  • Falling stone blocks can be a source of many unexpected deaths. This is very apparent in temple and alien levels. Note that even the slightest fall of these blocks is fatal for anyone happening to be underneath them. In city levels, similar threats can come from cars and building vent outlets. Finally, explosive barrels and gas tanks can also crush the player. Of course, all these falling obstacles work on the enemies as well.
  • On the other hand; crates, third world roof and tires can crush the enemies but not the player.
  • Ladders can be a source of momentum-based deaths and jump misses. What this means is that player makes a small jump into air when climbing a ladder fast enough. Not taking this into consideration can mean a missed jump (when attempting to jump before landing), inadequate jump length (due to not getting a good running speed before jumping), jumping into a trap (such as a saw blade) above or briefly leaving themselves vulnerable to the enemies waiting at the top of the ladder.
  • It is safer to jump from one ladder to another from the top as opposed during mid-climb due to low horizontal momentum during mid-climb.
  • You will retain some horizontal momentum when walking off ledges. Not taking this into account can lead to a death in a bottomless pit.
  • You can predict which way floating saw blades move after being damaged by seeing if they rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • Popping in and out from sawblade trap's view can be used to exploit the trap to kill enemies or to make it easier to get an opening to run underneath the saw trap.
  • Airstrikes seem to indicate that you need to be in a hurry but usually you can still take your time. Many airstrikes only happen once.
  • When having no cover against the enemy airstrikes from the upper right aimed at you, the best things that you can do is to either run right or run/jump left. Standing still or instinctively jumping to the right is likely going to get you killed. You were on the path of a bomb shown with red line after all.
  • When there is a large gap after the checkpoint, dying and then respawning at the checkpoint can lead to falling to death when starting to move instantly.
  • There is a "frozen region" from certain distance from players where the objects don't move.
  • Turning on a enemy alarm when it's off can spawn recruits from the sky.


  • Since constant destruction can be lethal, the very best you can do is to not stay near the explosives or falling hazards.
  • In multiplayer, reviving another player by rescue gives both players a short-duration invulnerability.
  • In multiplayer, stand next to a fellow player and both of your spam melee. This makes you do a "brofist" which slows down time, and in addition, makes a shockwave which bounces close enemies away. This is a great way to jump from platforms, dodge fire, or wreak havoc on large waves of enemies. And them's the facts.

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