Alien(1)walk sol
Name Xenomorph
Type Alien
Attacks Bite
Health 5 HP
Blood Green
Featured in Broforce
SpawnResource Trigger aliens/zalienxenomorph

Xenomorphs, also known as aliens, are alien opponents encountered in Broforce. They become the standard enemies after the mooks and begin appearing following the missions in Kazakhstan, during the initial stages of the alien infestation.

Xenomorphs spawn from an Alien Spawner 0 when off-screen and from an Alien Door while on- and off-screen. Aliens can also spawn when a facehugger impregnates a Bro or mook, after which the corpse explodes and births a fully-grown drone.
Alien(1)idle sol

Xenomorphs are incredibly dangerous in melee, and can take out Bros, villagers and terrorists with frightening ease. However, they are also easy to kill. Like facehuggers, Xenomorphs can also climb walls and ceilings. Upon death, they leave terrain-destroying acid behind, which is harmless to Bros.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike most other enemies, Xenomorphs cannot be revived by the Broniversal Soldier.
  • Broforce's Xenomorphs are based on the creatures of the Alien film series, with minor differences including the coloration.
    • Due to them never being seen walking on two and four legs alternatively, the in-game aliens are most likely based on the Runner drone in Alien3, who only moved on four legs.

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